Airpods 3rd Generation


AIRPODS (3RD GENERATION) All new with spatial audio

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All new with spatial audio

All around

Adaptive EQ

Tunes music to your ears

Longer battery

Sweet and water resistant

It’s magic remastered

After months of rumors, Apple finally announced its third-generation AirPods and they are the new middle child of Apple’s AirPods lineup.

They are priced between the AirPods and the AirPods Pro, and they look and work like a mix of the two as well.
They have the shorter stem of the AirPods Pro, but also lack the in-ear design and silicone ear tips — so they fit in your ears more similarly to the original AirPods.

And they lack the active-noise cancellation and transparency modes of the Pro, but still support spatial audio and adaptive EQ.

That said, Apple did these new AirPods some unique features, such as a magnetic charging case that can stick to a MagSafe charger (although there’s no charging speed advantage) and the best battery life (up to 6 hours per earbud) of any AirPods to date.

The third-generation AirPods are available

Brand:                              Apple

Ear Placement                 In Ear

Color:                               White

Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Apple H1 Chip

Connectivity:                    Bluetooth 5.0

Model Name:                   AirPods


Dual beam forming microphones

Inward-facing microphone

Skin-detect sensor

Motion-detecting accelerometer

Speech-detecting accelerometer

Force sensor

Chip:                               H1 headphone chip


Press once to play, pause, or answer a phone call

Press twice to skip forward

Press three times to skip back

About this item

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you

Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears

All-new contoured design


Force sensor lets you easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls, and more

Sweat and water resistant

Up to 6 hours of listening time with one charge

Up to 30 hours total listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case

Height: 30.79mm

Width: 18.26mm

Depth: 19.21mm

Weight: 4.28g

Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”

Effortless setup, in-ear detection, and automatic switching for a magical experience

Easily share audio between two sets of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV

System Requirements

iPhone and iPod touch models with the latest version of iOS

iPad models with the latest version of iPadOS

Apple Watch models with the latest version of watchOS

Mac models with the latest version of macOS

Apple TV models with the latest version of tvOS

Price: $174.98

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