Difference Between Smartphone And Mobile Phone

In Which Way do Cell Phones Differ to the Smartphones?

Smartphone is like a mini computer, which has its own OS, smartphone gives a variety of features which allows advance computing capability, and has advanced hardware, hereby it’s called smartphone, on the other hand an ordinary phone is just a simple mobile gadget (Cell phone) which does not have many features and people mainly use them for calling,

texting etc.,

Smart phone has an open platform for apps. In reality the difference can be pretty small as many future phones has advanced features like touch screens, installable apps etc. So in general Smart phones are more advanced, support installable apps, Internet etc., but drawing the exact line can be hard. Even among smart phones there is difference between the smartness. Nowadays we have Android and IOS and both of them are of smartphones. Only a smart phone can have a user installable apps that reacts when a call is received and then does some actions like fetching the caller name from Internet.

Smart phones have Operating systems, usually Android, iOS or Windows, but there are more coming with new companies. Because of OS it has many functions and application normal phone can’t do since cell phones can usually call, send messages but they can’t be modular with installing apps for weather predicting or games.

What is in the Ordinary Phones or Cell Phones?

Ordinary phones don’t have as many sensors as a smart phone like auto brightness, compass, GPS, etc

Ordinary phones are limited in their software features but on smartphones you can expand the features by installing various apps to perform functions you need. Like you can stream music, alter theme, edit photos etc.

ordinary phones have a weaker hardware like processor, SoC, RAM/ROM powering the phone compared to a smartphone.

Screen sizes are bigger on smartphones compared to ordinary phones in general.

A mobile phone is all the more much of the time called a cellular phone or cellphone. These communication gadgets associate with a remote communications’ system through radio waves or satellite transmissions. Most mobile phones give voice communications’, Short Message Services.

A smartphone is thought to be the mix of the customary PDA and cellular phone, with a greater spotlight on the cellular phone part. These handheld gadgets incorporate mobile phone abilities with the more regular features of a handheld PC or PDA. Smartphones permit clients to store data, email, install programs, alongside utilizing a mobile phone as a part of one gadget. A smartphone’s features is typically more situated towards mobile phone choices than the PDA-like features.

A smartphone is used for multitasking and it gives great performance while playing high end games and HD videos this features is not available in a basic cell phone. Today smartphones having great features like Touch screen, 4G network, HD screen, the latest operating system, good camera and this features is not available in basic cellphones.

How to choose when you buy smartphones?

If you are planning to buy a smartphones, Android, IOS, or Windows, the first thing you have to consider is the processor, camera pixel, internal memory, features or specifications.The higher the numbers is the better, but it depends upon your requirement. If you buy a smartphone for mostly just calling purposes you may don’t need a bigger number because the higher the number the bigger is the price as well.

What is RAM? And Why It Is Very Important in Your Smartphones?

This is the memory where the software resides while it is running along with the data it is using. RAM is used by both OS and application software.

Normally, devices with RAM also have another type of storage memory (flash memory or a hard drive) that stores the information while the power is off. Devices with more RAM can run more complex software and multiple applications at the same time. Just how fast is RAM? Let’s just say that it’s much faster than a hard drive, and faster than flash storage. When something is “loaded into RAM” it’s right there next to the CPU, ready to be run. There’s no searching for it in the longer-term storage, it’s just there loaded.

RAM is The One That Makes The Smartphones More Expensive.

RAM chips cost more than hard disks and flash chips. They run hotter and they take more power to run. But it is impractical if we only focus on RAM, we also have to consider the memory. So you to take note on the RAM and MEMORY capacity of the smartphone. Ideal RAM for me is at least 3gb but if you want faster it’s much better to choose from 4gb and up with at least internal memory of minimum 64gb and the bigger is the better. The basic function of it all is very similar to those in computers.

How does RAM Work in Smartphones?

It’s a well- defined memory management system. It is designed in such a way to utilize more RAM to provide a user-friendly experience. When you download and install an app, it gets stored on your permanent storage (that’s internal or external SD card). Whenever you execute the same, it is shifted to RAM. (All the live running processes run on RAM). Even if you close that particular app after a while, Android will not remove it from the memory (I mean RAM), so that you can recall it faster at any time you want. The processes that stay on RAM even after the closing is called background processes.

Does more RAM equal better smartphone performance?

Here’s what you need to know about smartphone memory, and why 4GB does the trick in most cases.

Adding more RAM is an easy way for a manufacturer to make a device look better. A bigger number must mean it’s better, right? While that’s generally true, finding the right amount of RAM possesses a unique problem in the smartphone world. How much is “enough”? The short answer is that you should look for a baseline of at least 4GB for a phone. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

First, a quick note on how RAM works: RAM, or memory as it’s sometimes called, is where your phone stores information when it’s not using it, but might in the near future. RAM is a lot faster than the internal storage you have on your phone, but you don’t have as much of it. Think of it like moving something from your refrigerator  to your table. It’s easier to grab something when it’s in arm’s reach, but you can’t keep everything on your table, so you need a place to store items when they’re not in use. Let’s say you’re playing a game on your phone, but then you get a phone call. There’s a very good chance that, once your phone call is done, you’ll go back to that game. When you answer the call, your phone keeps the game loaded in memory. As soon as you end the call and re-open the game, it should pop right back up exactly where you left off. You don’t need to reload the entire app, or lose your progress. It’s just there, and that’s how it is.

Once again a Cell Phone and a Smartphone can be used interchangeably to define a phone, however, a smartphone definitely has some more characteristics over a normal cell phone. A smartphone can be called a cell phone but all cell phones cannot be termed as smartphone.

Mobile has a general meaning, whichever is movable easily can be called as mobile, just like mobility which means simple and easy to carry. Coming to Phones, we can categorize it into just a Basic phone.

For our better understanding, the phone which is easy to carry is called mobile phone, and later after witnessing lot many evolution in mobile phone industry, we are now using smartphones.

Cell phone: has a very limited functionality, specifications and features. We cannot expect OS updates, apps and 3G/4G network support. Generally these phones are best suited to calls and text messaging and nothing more than that…

Smartphone: comes with an ocean of functionalities, specifications and features. We can capture photos/videos without bringing your professional camera, we can use lot many applications, we can listen music and watch movies and a lot more…

And it will all depend upon your needs, and how will you use it. If It’s intended for business, choose the highest available one because companies who are producing latest models have kept on upgrading the systems and you will ever enjoy the advance features of it, which is very useful in all aspects of our life these days. In other words with smartphones you are like bringing your office with you in your pocket.

If you learn something in it please feel free to write your comments below as well as your suggestions and I will be happy to hear it.


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