How To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

How to take care of your cell phone and let it last longer.

Smartphones have now become the most common necessities of most people, that’s why no matter how much it is we all find a way to buy it. But after buying your smartphone did you ever ask about how to take care of it? How long do you think it will last?

Well It depends upon the status of the buyer most very rich people will never think about it, they even keep on upgrading whenever there is latest released.

But people of a low financial level will always think of it right upon buying therefore, they always bought it together with all the protective accessories for hoping it can last for long.

Motorola was the first one to produce and introduce to the public the handheld mobile phone in the year 1973 which was big and heavy as about 1.1 kg.

The mobile phones then were referred to us as OG or Zero Generation mobile phones while in our era we are now having the advance 3G, 4G, or we even have 5G already.

First cell phone was just having limited specs, and it is mainly for calling it didn’t even have texting.
It was only during 1992 when Vodafone network was making its first ever SMS message with the first text words of MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Anyhow it was very expensive and there was not so many choices because there were only few companies that selling this and it was not easy to purchase it, unlike today you can just buy smartphone straight away if you like it.

It was just lately around late 2000’s when cell phone became popular and just like an ordinary gadget. It was then that cell phone and network companies were offering to the public the purchase with contract payment, they even offered upgrading of phones with a special deal.

Later after upgrading and upgrading some buyer have started to realize the value of money investigating not only the specs but also its quality and durability.
the average trade and the length of use of the device in 2016 was about 2.36 years old. By around 2018, that number increased to 2.8.

But iPhones, were already known for its durability hardware and software and the length of its use going up to about 3 years old.

since phone prices became higher, people have started keeping them longer
Most smartphones, on the other hand, have built-in batteries that are difficult to replace or repair.

While some phones have removable batteries that whenever it’s drained or defective you can purchase a replacement. What are usually the complain of most people are the battery of the phone that will drain very fast.

Although specification and features of it is guaranteeing for it to normally last long according to what is specified.
But what happened is that even though it should suppose to be that long, it could not reach because of a lot of background apps that is running and consuming battery life even if you didn’t use the phone.

As long as it’s On, even if it’s in standby mode still the battery is eaten by the applications which are running in the background.

So how to take care of your phone to make it last for long?
First of everything you should buy a shockproof casing as protection for when it falls down because It may happen no matter how careful we are.

Buy a casing which has a hole where you can tie the hand strap as holder for it against falling down. If you are calling or doing picture taking near the window or near in any height where when your phone falls down you can not retrieve anymore and this is what we don’t like to happen.

Never put your phone inside the back pocket of your skirt or trousers because when you’re busy you will forget it and when you sit on the chair you will forget to remove then you will  be sitting on your phone, and this can cause cracks of the LCD.

Always wash your hands every time you touch because sometimes we didn’t know that maybe we have touched some liquid or chemicals that can damage the body of the phone.

Always clean your phone, disinfect it because it is one of the dirtiest gadget in the world which considered as dirty as toilet bowl. If your phone is waterproof then you can wash it so yours is an exception but other than that all phones are very dirty.

Your phone is displaying battery percentage level, if you wish to make it last longer not only 2,3 or more years, don’t charge it when it’s not yet 15 or 20%, and even though it is equipped with a limiter sensor that will automatically stop charging when full, it’s much better if you can unplug it right there and then when it’s full.

One of the best ways to take care of it’s battery is to buy a power bank charger so you don’t need to charge in advance because you have an appointment, so that you will only charge it in a proper time.




Don’t forget to buy the cell phone hand strap because one of the causes of breaking the phone is when you’re lying down on bed and using your phone, the tendency is when you fall asleep you will drop the phone down the floor. So if you have a strap even if it falls down it will only dangle in your hand and not to fall down.

Wherever you are whatever you do, take care of your things and try your best to let them last for long, then you will enjoy the benefit of it.

I hope I have taught you a little idea of keeping phones longer and if you have any questions, suggestions, or maybe comments feel free to write them below and I will be happy to read it.


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