How To Save And Spend Money Wisely

How To Save Money By Shopping Online?

Shopping is something that we all do most frequently on a weekly basis, but buying our daily needs is done mostly everyday – from a morning coffee to a lunch-time sandwich to cinema tickets or a meal out. Sometimes, it feels like we do it automatically, almost without thinking. Other times, we put in a lot of thought and spend time doing research and reading countless reviews, especially if it’s expensive.

While we all buy on a regular basis, it doesn’t necessarily translate that we’re good at it. When it comes to buying electronics and accessories will be a little different because we don’t know it yet until we have tried it.

There are many benefits to being a wise buyer, because It can help you save money, and how to save money by shopping online? This is the question in which that most people ask and  want. However, buying isn’t just about getting the best price – there’s actually much more to it than that. You might find this hard to believe but sometimes the price can actually be the least important consideration. It’s about making sure we get everything we need, and perhaps some or all of the things we want, all on the best terms possible.

Sometimes good buying can be about finding new and unique things that can enrich our lives. Other times, it’s about helping the companies to realize the importance of the consumer.

Yet it seems the benefits of learning and then implementing good buying practices often get overlooked. Buying skills don’t get taught in mainstream education, yet this is something that everyone needs to do, no matter their age and whether it be in their work or personal lives.

Unless someone specifically studies the profession of procurement or purchasing, the skills and techniques involved could remain a best-kept secret.
Suppliers are fully aware of this and love it as it gives them an easy advantage over us, as buyers, often without being aware of it. It is not an accident that companies invest heavily in brand building, powerful marketing and ensuring their sales teams have all the training to convince us for purchasing online But it doesn’t have to be this way. Buying is much more than a commercial transaction. It’s a practice that offers a wealth of possibilities and advantages simply by us having some basic knowledge of the process and using some simple tools and techniques that will put us in the driving seat. At the end of the day, isn’t that something we all want?

How to save money by shopping online?

According to the study who is focusing on the biggest retailers that possess both online websites and brick-and-mortar stores. It didn’t include pure-players and their real advantage. Indeed online retailers usually have the possibility to set more competitive prices. If customers have time to wait few days, shopping online can still save them money through online savings codes, special one-day deals, and benefit from free shipping offers. Online stores tend to stick to the same promotional calendar and offer great seasonal sales and discounts. Plus the cost to operate brick-and-mortar stores are much bigger than online stores. One of the other advantages of shopping online is that you can think well, and you can choose well before deciding to buy. So shopping online has a much much more advantages than in any other ways.

Brand Awareness.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is important when deciding to purchase new products of electronics and accessories, and it drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating between competing companies. It encourages repeat purchases and leads to an increase in market share and incremental sales. Brand awareness is also very important to businesses that are marketing proactively through social media sites. Being Proactive Through Technology and Social Media, Because we are in an era of constant advancements in technology, brand awareness is especially important for every consumer.

This is because people always have some type of gadgets in their hands, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or an actual laptop/desktop, which means they are able to quickly communicate with others in a matter of seconds. This could either work in favor of, or against any business. It all comes down to how you go about using it and adapting to these many technological advances. Being proactive in brand building through social media will lead to a better brand experience for existing customers while turning prospective customers into loyal brand followers.

The Drive for Repeat Purchase

About 90 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. We use mental shortcuts to skip the process and avoid being overwhelmed by the number of available options online.” With a good marketing campaign which focused on brand, designs, and quality of its items. You will more effectively narrow in on your target purchases in electronics and accessories. Consumers are being encouraged by them to feel connected and convinced about the product online in order for them to make repeat purchases.

Brand awareness affects perceptions and attitudes, which drive brand choice and even brand loyalty. This means that without brand awareness, repeat purchases are less likely. The good news is that all companies who invented and created innovative discoveries designing electronics with advance features and accessories with unique designs, they all did their best that they with the help of modern technologies, can provide to the consumers the best and quality products for their sole objectives which is to have a lifelong and loyal customers.

Why it also makes sense to buy quality instead of saving money?

Being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money—it means spending your money wisely. That also means some things may be cheap now, but actually cost you more in the long run, while other times it makes sense to spend more now for a better, longer-lasting experience. Let’s take a look at when it makes sense to splurge now to save later.

Frugality, like productivity, isn’t just about being thrifty and saving tons of money—it’s about spending wisely on the right things so you have the money for the things that are important to you. The goal is that you’re able to easily save for your goals—or for emergencies—because you’ve made smart buying decisions now. That means you have to consider the long run. Doing this takes more thought than you might think.

It’s easy to get caught up in just buying the cheapest serviceable version of whatever you need, as long as you keep “saving money” in the front of your mind. Unfortunately, buying cheap can lead to spending more down the line—whether it’s in things like maintenance and upkeep, or replacement costs when you have to buy the same cheap thing over and over again. If you really want to save money and invest in quality—there are some times when it makes sense to spend more money so you don’t run into those costs.


Purchasing is something we all do on a daily basis, and while Technology is in everyone’s life these days whether they want it to be or not. There are good and bad reasons for having so much of it in the world we live in today. But technology like smartphones and any other kinds of accessories have already become a part of our lives, that seems we can not live without it. All you have to do is just be wise and sometime investigate why it’s cheap and why it’s expensive.

On your buying decision you also have to consider the value and not to concentrate only for the price. Like for example you choose to purchase between a LIGHT BULB with 40 watts at the price of $1, and the LIGHT BULB with 10 watts at the price of $12. People tend to choose buying the $1 BULB because of its cheap price and to save money, without being aware that in the long run it’s not a wise buying and not even a saving at all because it consumes much more electricity. So next time when you buy and you think it’s expensive, think again.

If you learn something please feel free to write your comments below as well as your suggestions and I will be happy to hear it.


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