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Good day everyone and welcome to my advance electronics & accessories. Even I was a kid it’s already been my great hobby to collect advance technology gadgets. During my childhood we didn’t have any television ourselves and I was just peeping from the window of our nice relatives who also happened to be our neighbor. I enjoyed watching futuristic movies, robots, and about future gadgets which are now coming to reality. I enjoyed most in James Bond movies because in their I saw a lot of things which was not yet existing before but now already available. I had a lot of collections for gadgets which was before to scarce but now available everywhere. I spent time in electronic store to find any unique items because I want to collect things which is not so familiar from everyone, because it was my pride to be the first one to have it among my neighborhood. My friends was so amazed seeing me with advance technology. In my place last 1994, cellphone was not so common to everyone because it required a lot of documents before you can obtain it, but luckily I was being approved and had my first cellphone then, under ISLACOM telecommunication company. I even have that time a universal remote control watch with learning function that could control almost all televisions and even all remote control equipment or gadget, that particular watch was the product of Casio company. in other words, I had a lot of unique collections gadgets. though, for rich people that was may be common but for poor people like me and my neighbor it was strange for us, and I was so proud to have it. Later I realized that I spent a lot of money for it but I didn’t regret because I had made my friends astonished, I had amused my family and I was happy myself.

It’s a great feelings to see people being happy because of me, and I can only do that by helping them. I believed that the more you helped the more you can help. that is based on my experience, even though I did not benefit such privilege, but in my heart I am willing to help those needing to be helped. For a long long time I was alone discovering what could make me happy, and I found it in searching for advance electronics and accessories. wherever I go my first store to find are about electronics and gadgets. I did that by myself alone and I felt how difficult it was but because it’s my hobby I did it with joy. that’s why I would like to share my experience through helping people looking for the best choice.



To make people do the best preference, the right choice, and make the perfect decisions.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to write it below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Advance Electronics & Accessories


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